About Us

Dealing with cars is never easy.

That’s what we experienced when we used some of the most popular online platforms to buy and sell cars. We noticed that it wasn’t as great or easy as their ads made it look like. If you were trying to sell your car, they would charge a hefty amount for a single post. And no guarantee of a positive outcome.

That’s when we decided to create a platform that would actually work. It would provide the car sellers with an opportunity to meet serious buyers. And the buyers to meet genuine sellers who want to sell their cars.

To ensure this actually happened, we set up a small fee. A fee that serious buyers would happily pay while the ones that aren’t serious won’t. In addition to this, we decided to charge substantially less than our competitors because we know how hard it can be for a car seller to make a sale.

Because our platform evolved due to our desire for improving car selling/buying experience, we made our platform open to dealerships too.

Basically, what we’re providing is a unique experience for those who sell and buy cars. They’re getting quality services at reasonable rates that are there to ensure genuine sellers and buyers.

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